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Edakkara Panchayath

Edakkara Panchayath is situated in the Nilambur Block Panchayath of malappuram district.  Edakkara Panchayath has an area of 58.09 square kilometers and is spread through Edakkara and Chungathara villages.  The boundaries of the Panchayath are, Chungathara and Vazhikkadavu panchayaths in north, Vazhikkadavu and Moothedam panchayaths in east, Moothedam and Pothukallu panchayaths in south and Chungathara and Pothukallu panchayaths in West.  

The geographical elements in Edakkara Panchayath are primarily Hill Areas and include Hills, Forests, Rivers and Streams and runnels etc. ‘Punnapuzha’ One of the main Affluent of the river ‘Chaliyar’ and the stream ‘ Kalakkanpuzha’ are flowing through Edakkara Panchayath and the later one joins with punnapuzha near Edakkara Town. The most parts of the Panchayath are occupied by forest area of the ‘Western ghats’ mountain ranges and the remaining parts with crofts. But the most important part of the Panchayath is the ‘Edakkara Town’. The Panchayath earns its revenue mostly from this market town.

  Edakkara Town is comparatively a noticeable and medium township among towns in kerala which is the major town after Nilambur. The town is residing at the eastern side of the malappuram district near by Gudalur taluk in Nilgiri District of TamilNadu State. The term 'Edakkara' in Malayalam language (എടക്കര) means ' midland'. In olden days Edakkara serves as a rest place for the passengers from Calicut (the cultural head of Malabar) to Ooty (A tourist spot in tamilnadu) and edakkara divides the route into two with equal distance (about 90 kilometers towards both sides). Thus the name got 'midland'. Nowadays Edakkara has been growing into a major township in malappuram district.

Edakkara Panchayath came into existence in 1963.  At that time Vazhikkadavu and Moothedam panchayaths are included in Edakkara Panchayath. But after some years Vazhikkadavu is divided from Edakkara first and in 1978 moothedam also divided from the Panchayath.  The pre-Realm Edakkara is the part of the western ghat forests which were under the sovereign of the ‘Nilambur Palace’. The migrations to edakkara were during the first decades of 1900.
The History of Edakkara is tightly related to the ‘Nilambur palace’ (Territory of the ‘Samorine Dynasty’).  The rulers of the ‘Nilambur Kovilakam’ divide the land as 18 ‘Cherikkals’. Among them ‘Kizhakkummuri‘   Cherikkal is emerged as the Edakkara area today.  In olden days the tribal groups known as ‘malamuthas’, ‘cholanaikkas’, ‘malanaikkas’, ‘Aranadans’ ,’Paniyans’ and ‘Kurumas’ are lived in these forests.

The modern phase of Social life in edakkara started with the migration of the Muslims who came there for the forest resources like bamboos and other forest woods. Around the same time, other groups from Hindu community like ‘Nayar’ and  ‘Theeyas’ also reached the place and started the farming and tillage. And gradually edakkara became a dense area around the 1920s. And in 1932 a lower primary school is started in Edakkara P.B. The fist Bus services called ‘Rajalakshmi’ were also started during that season through the Calicut-Ooty road built by the British Rulers. And later after 1947 , Edakkara and other parts of Nilambur also witnessed another massive migration and it is from the Travancore area of southern kerala. The majority of them are Christians .

Now Edakkara Panchayath consists of 16 wards. And according to the census of 2001 :- 
Population is around 29000 , Density of population 445, male : female ratio 1032 , Male Literacy 91.66 %, Female Literacy 84.88 .

There are a number of shops and business firms, educational institutions, hospitals and some government establishments also in the town today. 

( info : lsgkerala.in )