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Chungathara Panchayath

Chungathara Panchayath is situated in the Nilambur Block Panchayath of malappuram district. Chungathara Panchayath has an area of 129.69 square kilometers and is spread through Chungathara and kurumbalangode villages.Chungathara is 9 kilometers away from Nilambur town to the east side through Nilambur-Nadukani-Gudalur Main road. . The panchayath came into existence in 1962.

The boundaries of the Panchayath are,

East : Vazhikkadavu , Edakkara, Moothedam Panchayaths (malappuram District) and Tamilnadu state.
North : Meppadi Panchayath (Wayanad District) and Thiruvampadi Panchayath (Kozhikkode district)
South : Moothedam Panchayaths and Nilambur Municipality
West :   Chaliyar, Urgattiri Panchayaths (malappuram district) and koodaranji Panchayath (Kozhikkode district)

The total population of Chungathara is 44,569. Among them 22,474 are women and 22095 are men ( according census 2001). The literacy rate is 88% . The transportation facilitates to the panchayath is simple.
The nearest railway station is Nilambur, Airport is Karippoor (Calicut Airport ) . There is a bus bay located in the middle of the town which controls the local transportation.

It is clear that 'Chungathara' got its name during the royal ruin period of 'Tampurans' of Nilambur Kovilakam family. Older Citizens saying that the Place was the center of Tax collection of Kovilakam Tampurans. 'Chungathara' in malayalam ( ചുങ്കത്തറ ) means ' Tax Land '.

In the midst of Nineteenth Century, there were only certain tribal communities lived in these places. At that time Chungathara filled with forest wealth, Farmsteads and lease fields , which were occupied by Kovilakam. In 1888 a British company bought 1000 acre land from the Kovilakam rulers in the place now called 'Clean-track' and started Rubber plantations. This was done by the company named 'English and Scott Joint Wholesale Coperative Society of India'. We can now see that the place names of  these area are the donation of this company. For example 'Munderi' (മുണ്ടേരി) which actually 'Mountain Area', Clean-rock (ക്ലീന്‍ റോക്ക്‌) is 'Clean Track', Appenkap (അപ്പന്‍കാപ്) actually 'Up and Cape' etc.

On the same period; the kovilakam rulers invites various people from the other side of Malabar for Cultivation of rice and other cereals under the wet lands owned by them. And the kovilakam 'Tampurans' Provided these people with Seeds, Tools and Cattle to sustain their presence. Further these people brought some tribal and other people as their workmen. And during the common celebrations like 'Onam'  , 'Vishu' etc ,these lords will give the workmen  some rice, cloth, coconut , oil etc as allowance. But these unlucky workmen had the will to do the slavery for the landlords throughout their life.                                 
The migrated Christian community from Kottayam and pathanamtitta district played significant role in the development of social structure to the modern variant. They established Educational Institutions like Highschools, Colleges , Nursery and Hospitals and other organizations which leads chungathara as a educational and cultural centre of the East Eranad.
The people in this panchayath  have a special mutual respect apart from   other areas among all the major groups like Hindus, Christians and Muslims thus keeps a valuable lifestyle. All the people are intermingling the festivals and ceremony of others. Arts like 'kaikottikkali', 'Chavittukali' and 'Kolkali' ( of tribal people ) and ' Oppana' , 'Thiruvathirakali', 'Margamkali' (of the other casts ) are existing here.  The muslims are mainly businessmen and Christians are farmers and the hindus have the both business and cultivation. The Chaliyar river and Punnappuzha flowing through Chungathara and divides the land into 3 almost equal area. Due to this the land is very fertile. The main cultivations are Rubber,Coconut, Aricanut, pepper, rice, banana etc. There are many paddy fields in this panchayath.

People have a lot of Tabernacle here like 'Nedumbazhazhi temple', 'Kunnath Temple', 'Salem Marthoma Church' , 'Ebanazer Marthoma Church', 'Masjidul Huda', 'Masjidul Mujahideen' etc.  The main business areas in the panchayath are Chungathara Town and Erumamunda Town. There are so many small scale industry units through out the panchayath. Jijo , Deepthi, Live jwala etc are some of the Arts and Sports Clubs in Chungathara. Other establishments are 'Janashakteekaranam' (ജനശാക്തീകരണം) study center, YMCA Chungathara, Youngmen's Library, Gramapanchayath Cultural building etc

There are two Primary Health centres in Chungathara and Kurumbalangode. Besides those 'Marthoma Mission Hopital', Janatha Hospital, Shafi Ayurveda Marma Chikilsalayam, Sanjose Dental Clinic, Government Ayurvedic Dispensary , Government Homeo Dispensary (erumamunda), Alsharaf Homeo Dispensary etc are the active health related division in the panchayath. There is also a veterinary hospital in Manali.

MPM Higher Secondary, Marthoma Higher Secondary , Navodaya Parallel College, Marthoma College, Government L.P School , Najathul Anam Arabic College etc are some of the noticeable educational institutions of the town. The main Financial Establishments are ' South malabar Gramin Bank', 'Catholic Syrian Bank', 'Co-operative Bank', 'Nilambur Co-operative Urban Bank' (branch), 'Vanitha Co-operative Bank', Muthoot Fincorp, Manappuram Gold Loan, 'Kosamattam' Finance etc.

There is a Community Hall (K.P master memorial) to conduct the public functions and marriages etc.  The main Government establishments in the town are Post Office, Telephone Exchange , Electricity board office,
'Panchayath Office' and 'Village Office'.

(Info : lsgkerala.in )